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The grand project of the Holy Prophet’s Blv.

The grand project of the Holy Prophet’s Blv.


The city of Qom as the mother city of the Islamic world in the Shiite history and the cross-road of 17 provinces of the country, each year receives 20 million pilgrims from the country and all over the world.

The holy shrine of Hazrat-e Fatima Masumeh (p.b.u.Her) and the holy mosque of Jamkaran, as the hope of Shiites and religious seminaries which educate religious students, underscore the significance of this city among the cities of Iran and the world.

Due to the fact that Qom is a city of pilgrims and is a strategic city, the authorities of the city believe that Qom needs infra-structures to accommodate the needs of pilgrims and tourists who visit it. Therefore, joining the shrine of Haztat-e Masumeh to the holy mosque of Jamkaran was felt and this connection could solve many problems and concerns of the authorities and the people.


Since starting this huge project needed a great bulk of money, Qom’s municipality studied different ways to finance this project such as the dollar saving cash, financing, and bank loans. After the visit of the president in 1386 the selling of contribution deeds was proposed which was approved.

The holy prophet’s project due to its religious and spiritual dimension had a unique place. When the selling of contribution deeds was announced for this project, the people rushed to buy them because of their respect for Hazrat-e Masumeh (p.b.u.Her) and the holy mosque of Jamkaran. The contribution deeds were sold in less than one week in 1388.

Four billion rials of contribution deeds  with the annual profit of %16 were given to the organization for this project with the efforts of the Qom municipality, the fast-pace way of the project started its work in the month of Shaban this year which will ease the traffic in and out of the holy mosque of Jamkaran.

In order to connect the holy shrine to the holy mosque of Jamkaran, the grand prophet’s project began in gestation in 1370’s and it finally was implemented with the help of experts and engineers in 7 killometers.

Passing through the old and decayed areas of the central city, the project has had significant effects upon modernizing these areas. As the project started the government also began developing the areas around the holy shrine.

The project of the grand prophet can provide for the needs of Qom for at least fifty years. It can provide for the needs of the pilgrims in various occasions. The project is the initiator of several other similar projects. This project was proposed in the first Islamic city council of Qom and later on it was proposed as a civil project in Qom’s municipality.

Due to the cultural and religious stance of Qom, the grand prophet’s project has a unique place.


The general picture of the grand prophet’s project

overview of the project

Based on the initial overview it is expected that the grand prophet’s project would satisfy the cultural religious and tourist needs on the following criteria.

Official dimension: a national and civil and international level

A place for the performance of religious rituals in Qom

Elevating the status of Qom as the capital of the Islamic world

An opportunity to display the historical and natural identity of Qom

Foundations which the project intends to create

Cultural foundations: cinema, museums, libraries, scientific schools, higher education centers

Civil and service foundations: hotels, parks, parking, recreational centers.

Religious foundations: praying halls, mosques, and Hosseinieh

Trade centers and foundations: companies, offices, chain markets, banks, and finance centers.

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The mayor of district three of Qom said: the operations of Fadak camping in two phases is being done and it will be finished by the end of Mehr.

The mayor of district one in Qom’s municipality stated: Ferdowsi Boostan with 11 thousand square meters of land has had 65% progress

The mayor of district 8 of Qom’s municipality stated that the Ghadir Camping’s development is followed urgently and this project has had 50 % development.

The mayor of district one stated that Kudak Boostan will be ready by the end of this summer and this green space enjoyed the necessary standards and the best equipment.

The mayor of district 5 of Qom’s municipality stated: Bigdeli Boostan’s project has had 50% development and it will be usable by the end of this summer.

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