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The landscape of Qom

The landscape of Qom

Over the past four decades, migration to Qom increased dramatically so that new neighborhoods appeared and the population exceeded one million people.

The important streets of Qom are: Ayyatollah Marashi Najafi (Eram), Ammar Yaser Blv, Jomhuri Blv. Moallem Blv Enghelab, Taleghani (Azar), Somayyeh, Sadughi, Tohid, Fatemi, Amin Blv, Honarestan, Salarieh, Bajak, Dore-shahr, Safaieh, Attaran, Zanbil Abad, Behesthi, Eram, Keyvanfar and Imamzadeh Ebrahim streets.

Its important mosques are, Imam Hassan Askari Mosque, Azam Mosque, Jamkaran Mosque, Tabatabae Mosque, Jameh mosque, (Qom Mosalla, Imam Hassan Mojtaba) Mosque.

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The mayor of district three of Qom said: the operations of Fadak camping in two phases is being done and it will be finished by the end of Mehr.

The mayor of district one in Qom’s municipality stated: Ferdowsi Boostan with 11 thousand square meters of land has had 65% progress

The mayor of district 8 of Qom’s municipality stated that the Ghadir Camping’s development is followed urgently and this project has had 50 % development.

The mayor of district one stated that Kudak Boostan will be ready by the end of this summer and this green space enjoyed the necessary standards and the best equipment.

The mayor of district 5 of Qom’s municipality stated: Bigdeli Boostan’s project has had 50% development and it will be usable by the end of this summer.

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