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Geographical location & Human Geography

Geographic location of Qom

Qom is located in the dry and desert area. In the north it borders Tehran and the central provinces, in the south, it borders Isfahan and central provinces, and in the east, it borders, Semnan.


Ethnography and demography

In all parts of the city people speak farsi to communicate.



Qom is located at the skirt of the kavir (main desert) and is

 140 kms from the south of Tehran. The holy shrine of Hazrat-e Masumeh, the daughter of Imam Mosa Kazem(p.b.u.h) the holy mosque of Jamkaran, and over 400 Imamzadeh (descendents of Imams), and the religious schools and seminaries, and the historical mosques, such as the grand mosque, Imam Hassn mosque, Bab Al Jannah Mosque, Rafat Mosque, and the international educational centers are among the religious tourist attractions of the city.

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Mayor Of Qom
DR saghaeian
DR. Sayed Morteza Saghaeian Nejad
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Head News

The mayor of district three of Qom said: the operations of Fadak camping in two phases is being done and it will be finished by the end of Mehr.

The mayor of district one in Qom’s municipality stated: Ferdowsi Boostan with 11 thousand square meters of land has had 65% progress

The mayor of district 8 of Qom’s municipality stated that the Ghadir Camping’s development is followed urgently and this project has had 50 % development.

The mayor of district one stated that Kudak Boostan will be ready by the end of this summer and this green space enjoyed the necessary standards and the best equipment.

The mayor of district 5 of Qom’s municipality stated: Bigdeli Boostan’s project has had 50% development and it will be usable by the end of this summer.

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